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Introduce two ReRAM performance

Source:Wridy company limited Date:2017-11-16 15:07:14

The density of
Crossbar proprietary converter device solves the high-density ReRAM one of the biggest technical challenges facing developers, it's called the drain current (or leakage current).Crossbar 3 d ReRAM storage solution is based on 1 TNR array (1 transistor drive n resistive memory location), the selection rate makes for a transistor to manage a large number of inline memory unit, so as to realize large capacity solid state storage.In 1 TNR mode, a transistor can at very low power consumption driven more than 2000 memory unit, but also will encounter and drain current leakage problem of the interference on the performance and reliability of typical ReRAM arrays.Crossbar patented electric field assisted superlinear threshold converter device can solve the problem of the leakage, it adopted a super linear threshold layer, there is a variability in the threshold voltage value on pathway.Such auxiliary superlinear threshold electric field is the first in the industry can restrain under 0.1 Ann will leak current of converter, and has set up in a 4 Mbit integrated 3 d stacked type passive Crossbar successful implementation in the array.

Crossbar IEDM of converter at the end of 2014 on the show, it implements the reports since the choice of the highest rate of 10 to the power (10), less than 5 mv/dec extremely sharp slope, the durability of more than 100 m cycle, and the processing of less than 300 degrees Celsius temperature, can solve the problem of latent drainage pathway, so as to solve the problem hidden drainage channel, reflects the commercial feasibility.Crossbar converter is first solved this solution, design the challenge for the implementation level of terabytes of storage on the single chip paved the way to become a reality, so as to make the ReRAM as an alternative to lead the next generation of NAND memory.

The energy consumption

CrossbarReRAM technology will simplify multiple data storage unit and controller of SSD or other similar data storage solution between the read and write data management.A reduction in the number of memory operations background is helpful to improve the performance of data storage devices and durability, but also reduces the power consumption of the SSD controller and the use of DRAM, and data storage unit power consumption in the read and write.

certificates of deposit yuan level, improved CrossbarReRAM programming performance and power efficiency.It implements the 64 pj/cell programming power, compared with the NAND flash memory which is 20 times of ascension.
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