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Storage technology

Source: Date:2017-11-16 15:20:27

Recently, the focus on developing ReRAM technology of Crossbar announced and smic cooperation development of 40 nm process of ReRAM (nonvolatile resistance variant memory) chip officially out of the sample, the more advanced 28 nm process ReRAM chip will also be available in the first half of this year.This means that the storage areas are braced for a change.
Along with the electronic products is more and more intelligent, more quickly in order to be able to handle the identity authentication, communication protocol, message generated and accumulated tasks such as data, the application of the underlying code is write longer and longer, from the previous a few thousand bytes to now several megabytes.So the current storage options have been unable to meet the new generation of technology on the properties of storage capacity and storage requirements.
Now the flash storage is based on the charge density of technical information, lost a few electron will lead to serious reliability problem, once the chip size is less than 25 nm, durability, maintenance and reliability of the flash memory technology can appear serious uncertainty.Every time a new single chip microcomputer and wafer system need to be designed, be sure to consider when structure designers are doing design to related issues such as memory capacity, architecture and integration.But this kind of work is not once and for all, when another group of system architects need to research the embedded storage module and logic processing unit integrated way.
According to the analysis of company Web - FeetResearch forecast, to 2018, the consumer electronics store market will reach $2.88 billion, the huge market demand has forced the problem must be solved quickly.
Evolutionary solution is data storage system using high-end storage control chip to manage complex architecture and algorithms, for example, thunis has invested tens of billions of dollars to the NAND, DRAM memory development, estimates that in the next year will launch domestic 3 d NAND flash memory.But neither NAND or DRAM is the current technical level, and in the field of storage, China lags behind the advanced world level for more than 20 years, so if you want to realize perfect reversal, still have to rely on next-generation storage technology.
The current in the research and development of the next generation of memory chips, in addition to Intel, micron PCM based 3 dxpoint chip phase change storage technology research and development, the most famous is the ReRAM chip.Founded in 2010, Crossbar is to develop ReRAM most representative enterprise, power to be reckoned with, Crossbar, chief scientist and co-founder Lu Wei (Dr. Wei d. Lu) Dr Twelve years of experience in research in the field of ReRAM.The company of any move will cause the extensive concern of the industry.In order to enter the Chinese market, in March 2016, Crossbar working with smic agreed to 40 nm CMOS based on smic trial-produce ReRAM chip, and now I finally become a reality.

The ReRAM chip than the previous generation of NAND chip performance is stronger, more than 40 times the DRAM memory density, write 1000 times faster, fast read 100 times, 1000 times the durability, around 200 square millimeter of single chip terabytes of storage can be realized, also has the advantages of simple structure, easy to manufacture.
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