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Wridy Limited

Since the establishment of the company, we have been focusing on the agent of the semiconductor components of major well-known brands, committed to providing customers with competitive products, we are a professional provider of memory solutions provider.

We have rich and comprehensive services, good business reputation, experienced staff, at the same time the company and many well-known domestic enterprises to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

Our main product lines are static random access memory, non-volatile memory, pseudo-static memory and other types of random memory and microcontrollers , etc, the products are mainly used in: industrial control, IOT, intelligent control, consumer Electronics, instrumentation and other aspects.

Company Culture

→   better customer relationship is the basis of our survival,

→   The customer's demand is our goal/objective,

→   Our service is to create value for customers, looking for differentiated market advantage,

→    Customer-oriented, in order to establish sustainable competitive advantage,