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The advantage of Crossbar ReRAM

Source: Date:2017-11-16 15:17:31

So far, there has been no an effective NAND alternative technologies, while the Crossbar ReRAM have the opportunity to seize the market value of more than $40 billion a year.Crossbar ReRAM in the development of technology has also made significant progress in commercialization, as long as to maintain this advantage, they will be able to build a cost-effective, multi-tiered ReRAM market, beyond 3 d NAND competitors, etc.
Crossbar quietly brought in a new, highly attractive alternative storage technology.Their solution is the key to put in storage unit in the ReRAM, unlike other ReRAM technology will also need a separate external equipment, this will undoubtedly bring many problems such as noise.And it will show the Crossbar scheme is of great advantage.Molybdenum CrossbarReRAM technology is based on a simple structure, using CMOS technology commonly used materials and standard manufacturing process, without any special equipment or materials, can easily in the existing CMOS manufacturing factory.Due to the Crossbar ReRAM adopted low temperature after the period of process integration technology, so the multilayer Crossbar ReRAM array can be integrated into CMOS logic wafer, thus creating a 3 d ReRAM memory chips.
Crossbar ReRAM unit storage medium is wrapped insulation amorphous silicon (a - Si) of metal wire, and this in flash memory cell is different in the form of electronic storage, because even a small amount of electron loss will cause reliability problems, so lock electronic becomes a challenge.This is why the performance of the flash memory in smaller process technology would be the cause of the lower dimensions.The Crossbar ReRAM on different sizes will not affect the performance of the equipment, and is expected to be used for the size of the 10 nanometers.
CrossbarReRAM technology has many characteristics, can achieve a variety of new storage solution.Crossbar ReRAM unit's built-in feature allows different memory array configuration, a transistor to drive one or hundreds of thousands of memory units, so as to realize the flexible design according to different target application: embedded code stored direct execution of fast reading and the processor, or high density, low delay of stored data read.
Crossbar ReRAM technology compared to NAND flash to reads the delay is reduced to 1/100, will write speed increase 20 times, and can be unrestricted data erasure repeatedly.CrossbarReRAM technology can page in small model constructed, can be erased independently or reprogramming.By removing the garbage recycling memory access required a lot of the background, the new storage architecture greatly simplifies the complexity of the storage controller.The technology of writing magnification is 1, and thus lower for the user to read and write delay, lower power consumption, and the benefits of storage solutions for a longer life cycle.
These breakthrough performance and reliability, high capacity, low power consumption, and for many kinds of adjustable storage architecture, Crossbar for consumer electronics, enterprise storage, mobile computing, industrial/car/medical application, Internet of things and wearable equipment brings a new wave of innovation.
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