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NAND flash also uses floating-gate transistors, but they are connected in a way that resembles a NAND gate: 
several transistors are connected in series, and the bit line is pulled low only if all the word lines are pulled high (above the transistors' VT). 
These groups are then connected via some additional transistors to a NOR-style bit line array in the same way 
​that single transistors are linked in NOR flash.
issiISSI is a technology leader that designs, develops, and markets high performance integrated circuits for the following key markets: automotive,communications,digital consumer and industrial and medical. The following are the product parameters of Nand Flash:4Gb Density;1.8V/3.3V Voltage;25/45ns Squential Read Speed;-40°C~85°C Temperature Range;48-TSOP Package Type.
Part Number Density Vcc Ecc Requirement Bus Width Squential Read Speed (ns) Temp.Range Package Type Download
IS34ML04G081 4Gb 3.3V 1-bit X8 25 -40°C~85°C 48-TSOP Contact Us
IS34ML04G084 4Gb 3.3V 4-bit X8 25 -40°C~85°C 48-TSOP Contact Us
IS34MW04G084 4Gb 1.8V 4-bit X8 45 -40°C~85°C 48-TSOP Contact Us
IS34MW04G164 4Gb 1.8V 4-bit X16 45 -40°C~85°C 48-TSOP Contact Us