Custom MCU
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Custom MCU Process
1. According to customer needs, collect custom MCU requirements
2. According to the requirements of the development of SCM detailed specifications and structural design
3. Establish FGBA prototype, code design and verification
4. Design follow-up physical layout
5. After the completion of the development, production and processing, packaging test
6. The finished product delivered to customers
Product introduciton
32-Bit RISC Core with 96MHz Operation, ARM® Cortex®-M3 32-Bit RISC Core, Built-in High Speed Memory, Rich Enhanced I / O Ports, and Peripherals Attached to Two APB Busses Available in 48-Pin and 64-Pin Versions in 2 Different Packages
  Support SWD debug mode, JTAG boundary scan mode and IAP and ISP programming
   128K bytes of Flash and 20K bytes of SRAM
  Internal comes with 8MHz and 40kHz RC oscillator
  support sleep, stop and standby mode
  Includes two 12-bit ADC, two 12-bit DAC, two voltage comparator analog interface
  2 12C and SPI, 3 UART, 1 USB, 1 CAN and other digital interfaces
  1 advanced timer and 3 general purpose timers
  CRC calculation unit, 96-bit chip unique code

Technical indicators
  working power: DC2.5 ~ 5.5V
  working frequency: 8MHz ~ 96MHz
  Operating temperature: -40 ℃ to +105 ℃
  chip package: support LQFP48 / LQFP64 two packages