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Expansion has samsung NAND Flash could supply exceeds demand in the next year

Source: Date:2017-11-22 16:40:09

Samsung (Samsung) capital spending will grow to $26 billion this year, among them, and with the main force to develop 3 d NANDFlash, research institutions IC Insights said, as a result, 3 d NANDFlash I'm afraid there will be a glut of phenomenon.
IC Insights predicts that this year the global semiconductor capital spending amount up to $90.8 billion, will grow by 35%.Among them, the samsung capital spending will be doubled to 26 billion dollars this year, than Intel (Intel) combined with TSMC.
Samsung this year's capital spending is mainly devoted to store 3 d type Flash memory (NAND Flash), as much as $14 billion investment funds, IC Insights, points out that samsung will invest $7 billion, to promote the dynamic random access memory (DRAM) process technology, and make up the capacity loss caused by process transformation.
In terms of wafer foundry, IC Insights, said samsung will invest $5 billion expansion 10 nm process capacity.
Large sums of capital expenditure, in addition to samsung SK Hynix (Hynix) with samsung rivals such as meguiar's (Micron) will also be a significant increase in capital spending, IC Insights said, this could trigger a 3 d NAND Flash a glut on the market.

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