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The Internet of things industry distribution analysis of the chip

Source:Wridy company limited Date:2017-11-22 16:42:17

Iot chip is not a single product, category of Internet of things is very confused, so only a chip is cannot cover is composed of the application and market of expanding the Internet of things.At present there are mainly the mobile payment, security chip, communication radio frequency identification chips and chips etc, and the Internet of things in the field of chip demand huge scale.
1, mobile payment chips
Internet era, more and more various industries intelligent self-service terminal will appear in our work life, the biggest driving force is the popularization of mobile payment.At present domestic mobile payment solutions mainly support NFC function of SIM card/SD card products.Mobile payment chip is mainly used for smart phones, so the demand of the mobile payment chip mainly from less new phones and update the iteration.Later will spread to the high-speed rail, airports and all kinds of face recognition in the service industry, payment system equipment.
2, security chip
People are enjoying the Internet all sorts of convenience brought about by the high-tech at the same time, also have to concern about their information security, for their own personal information, property information and concern.Now the role of the security chip is equivalent to a "safe", the individual is the most important information, password data is stored in the security chip.According to the principle of security chip, because the password can only output data, and can't input, so the encryption and decryption operation in safety chip internal finish, but the results output to the upper level, the password can't be cracked.Security chip support key length up to 2048 species, in other words, to solve the security chip data transfer out, must break a 2048 - bit code.Thus gives us reliable information with a firewall, the use of high-tech allow people to bring convenient at the same time no worries.
3, communication rf chip
Rf chip refers to transform a radio signal communication into certain radio signal waveform, and through the antenna resonance sent a electronic components.
4, identification chips
Identity is depend on the body's physical characteristics to authenticate a solution.These physical characteristics include fingerprint, face, voice, retina, skeleton, iris and DNA, such as the body's identity, as well as the walking gait, the signature of the action, and struck the magnitude of the keyboard personal behavior characteristics.In addition to the fingerprint has been widely used, the last two years of face recognition is the biological recognition to the public.Due to safety performance is strong, identity has been in the information security, financial transactions, rapid development, social security and other fields that will quickly promote economic globalization and intellectualization.
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