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China's semiconductor companies received 2025 will rapidly increase

Source:Wridy company limited Date:2017-11-28 16:35:55

[introduction] according to the world's leading information technology research and consulting firm Gartner's latest research results, China's state-owned enterprises will become the world's most active investors, trying to slow growth in the semiconductor market to become a world-class manufacturers.Therefore, the semiconductor technology department leaders should for future business in China to make a new plan.
GartnerFor semiconductor investment market prediction of specific as follows:
1000More than $investments will make the camp of the Chinese semiconductor companies to promote three times in 2025

The Chinese government has a strong strength, in order to focus on domestic capital flow by state-owned or state holding company operating the specific industry.Guidelines in order to achieve the goal, the country's integrated circuit industry investment fund co., LTD. (CICIIF) the first round of the fund of about $20 billion, but according to market estimates, the local government and the total amount of investment of state-owned enterprises will be the first of more than $100 billion.As of September 2016, in CICIIF approved a $10 billion fund, about 60% to chip manufacturing, to 27%Memory chipsDesign, 8% 8% in packaging and testing, to equipment, material investment is 2%.

In this round of investment, semiconductor equipment provider will see China market increasing demand for the new wafer processing plant.We think most wafer processing plants in 2020 formally put into production before.Although most of the manufacturers of technology could not reached world leading level in the short term, but 12 inches and 8-inch fabs new capacity will be 2020 before a certain effects on the existing foundries market.By the end of 2025 the second round of the investment will be based on the successful experience of market focus into the more advanced technology.
Overall implementation foundries in China over the next five years will be a minimum annual income growth of 20%

In the past 10 years, with the continuous improvement of China's infrastructure construction (or upgrade), China has no factory semiconductor enterprise income grew by 20% a year over the past few years.And this trend will continue, make in the next five years Chinese suppliers for wafer purchase quantity increases by 20%.
Because the Chinese government strongly support the semiconductor industry, global semiconductor companies take the initiative to confirm their China strategy as manufacturers carry out cooperation with China, so as not to be excluded.Over the next five years, some international without factory semiconductor companies could be up to 50% of the wafer purchase demand towards Chinese suppliers.

In the past two years, Chinese suppliers in the development and production of 28 nanometer (nm) has been slow logic circuit technology, and at the same time, other leading foundries to 14 in 2015 nm, and will be 10 nm process production began in 2017.In the next five years, Chinese suppliers will continue to work with the leading technology companies to compete hard logic circuit.Strong revenue growth will be limited to not have a leading edge technology field.By 2025, 30% for local PC and server processor will be through the existing processor manufacturers signed license agreement in the form of design and manufacture in China.

Through the way of joint venture and licensing, Chinese enterprises can gain the ability to design and production of advanced processor, and mature also ensures that the internationalization of enterprises in the Chinese market business opportunities.

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