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Booming number of IC design companies in China A landslide over South Korea

Source:Wridy company limited Date:2017-11-28 16:42:02

Market research institutions, according to dramexchange IC design companies in China, the number of surge in hundreds of last year, rapid growth from 736 to 1362.Overwhelmingly over the years has been more than 200 scale marking time of the republic of Korea, to achieve the rapid growth.

Rapidly increased within a year more than 600 IC design companies, for many, this is very unreasonable.Especially in the global semiconductor market prospects uncertain industry environment.But there is always a reason for everything, this is a market which promote the great leap forward.As shao-jun wei prophecy, this can't be more than 1300 companies in will develop, but there must be a small company to grow up.

According to South Korea's chosun ilbo newspaper website reported on December 22, China's semiconductor is accelerating rise, invested in hundreds of thousands of billion wonMemory chipsFactory building, and in the best training equivalent to the semiconductor industry design company of the brain.Semiconductor design company is an enterprise specially designed electronic circuit, the technical personnel is the source of competitiveness.Of high financial support to the entrepreneurs in China, a large number of recall domestic semiconductor study in a foreign talent.Semiconductor industry said: "China reveal the become the cover design and production of integrated semiconductor superpower ambitions."

According to the report, China has spent billions of dollars in semiconductor manufacturing.In South Korea ranked the world's first storage, information storage chip, thunis group and XMC announced earlier this year to invest $30 billion and $24 billion for plant construction.In July this year, in order to strengthen the competitiveness, the two companies merge founded the Yangtze river storage technology co., LTD.

According to the report, China will view to semiconductor design category, is to grasp the future control of the IT (information technology) industry.Most of semiconductor design company to act as information calculation and processing of semiconductor "system" as the main business.System semiconductor is PC and smart phones and the Internet of things, driverless cars such as the core technology of the future industry, so the competition is fierce between multinational semiconductor companies.

The analysis thinks, because China has the world's largest domestic market, the semiconductor industry to achieve rapid development.

Experts also pointed out that the south Korean semiconductor industry should get rid of relying only on samsung electronics, SK hynix's structure.The two companies of semiconductor flagship product - dynamic memory occupied by more than 70% of the world market, but beyond that, south Korean presence was negligible in the semiconductor industry.
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