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Magnetic Random Access Memory ( MRAM )

Magnetoresistive random-access memory (MRAM) is a non-volatile random-access memory technology available today that began its development in the 1990s.
Unlike conventional RAM chip technologies, data in MRAM is not stored as electric charge or current flows, but by magnetic storage elements
MRAM has similar performance to SRAM, similar density to DRAM but much lower power consumption than DRAM,
It is currently in production by Everspin,

ES1GB-U201 U.2 Accelerator

The ES1GB-U201 is a U.2 form factor NVMe card based on Everspin’s STT-MRAM products and Simultaneous Block mode (NVMe) and Byte Mode (PCIe Direct Memory Access). They offer extremely low and predictable latency and are power fail safe without system support requirements.

Highlights Applications ES1GB-U201
•  1GB Storage Capacity •  Power Fail Safe Data & Metadata Cache/Buffer
•  PCIe Gen3 x4 •  Burst Data Deserializer
•  U.2 2.5” form factor •  Database and Application Accelerators
•  NVMe 1.1+ in block mode •  Storage Accelerator For All Flash Storage
•  Memory mapped IO (MMIO) in byte mode     Array (FSA)
•  Ultra-low access latency (uS) •  File System Accelerator (Parallel & Serial)
•  Consistent latency (short tail) •  Power Fail Safe Software Defined Storage
•  Customer defined features using own RTL •  Power Fail Safe Software And NVMe RAID
   with programmable FPGA •  OLTP Log Cache Acceleration
•  Development license for NVMe core IP •  Storage Fabric (Network) Accelerators
  •  Shared Remote Persistent Memory